RV Rules & Policies

Lakeshore Rv Park Reservation Policy

Reservations may be made 9 months to the date in advance by those at least 18 years of age or older, by calling 509-682-8023. Arrival dates made 9 months to the date in advance cannot be changed to a later date within that reservation. Reservation requests can only be made by phone. Each site reservation requires advance payment of the first two nights' stay plus a $10 non-refundable processing fee. There is absolutely no subletting of sites. The person registered for each site will be held responsible for the actions of everyone at the site. We accept VISA or MasterCard only.


September through May
Monday through Friday
8 am to 4 pm

June through August
8 am to 4:30 pm

Multiple Site Reservations

Multiple site reservations are processed one at a time and cannot be under the same name. If you are booking sites for other people, we require a deposit for each site and the name, address, phone number, email address, the type and size of RV (if applicable).

Base Rates

Base rates include up to 2 licensed vehicles and 4 people. Vehicle count will include the RV. (truck campers will count as another vehicle if removed from the bed of the truck). A maximum of 8 people per site are allowed.

Holiday Weekends

Memorial Day Weekend is a 3-night minimum of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. To maintain a family environment and ensure the quality of your stay, extraordinary rules will apply during Memorial Day weekend. See Memorial Day Weekend Letter if applicable.

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in is no earlier than 2 pm. Early arrivals are not recommended as off-premises parking is not readily available for camp trailers or large motorhomes in Chelan.

Check-in requires a valid ID. The site holder must be the first person to arrive at the site and, until then, no one else can go to the site. Check-out is no later than noon

RV Type Restrictions

RVs are classified as: Motor Homes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, and other campers originally sold through RV Dealerships such as truck campers and teardrop trailers. A truck and a camper become two separate vehicles if the camper is removed from the bed of the truck.

RV Site Restrictions

Patrons attempting to check in to an RV Site without an RV will not be allowed into the RV Park. Pull-through campsites must enter the site cab first. All other campsites must be backed in. Beginning the first Saturday following the 4th of July through the third Saturday in August sites 51 through 132 in Areas D and E are only reserved in 7-day, Saturday to Saturday, blocks. Maximum stay during this time in areas D and E is 3 weeks.

Tent Site Restrictions

Tents must be placed on the 16 by 16 foot tent pad or asphalt parking pad. Tent-only camping is restricted to our 22 designated tent sites only. Unlike RV sites, Tent sites may include any two licensed vehicles, provided they fit on the site pad.

Site Choices

Staff will make every effort to make sure the assigned site is available upon arrival, but site assignments are not guaranteed. All site changes must be approved and processed by Reservation Staff prior to any changes. Additional charges of $15 will apply for any changes to each reservation.

RV Rental Deliveries

Patrons having third-party delivery of an RV to a reserved campsite must provide parks staff contact information for the rental company prior to the arrival date.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations require a 21-day notice to be given prior to the arrival date by phone only. We will refund the deposit minus the $10 non-refundable processing fee and a $25 cancellation fee. Refunds will not be issued for notifications under 21 days prior to the arrival date. Refunds will not be issued due to weather conditions, acts of nature, or anything outside of the City's control. Refunds will not be issued to those who check out early. You will be declared a no show if you do not arrive within the first 48 hours of your arrival date unless the reservation is paid for in full.

Policies & Policy Enforcement

We reserve the right to evict for noncompliance of any of our rules. If asked to leave, refunds will not be issued. Reservations arriving with a dog during peak summer (Memorial Day Weekend and then starting July 1st until Labor Day) will forfeit the deposit and will not be allowed in the RV Park. There are no exceptions to these rules. The first violation of these rules can result in future site restrictions or eviction from the RV Park with No Refund.

View a list of policies:

  • All visitors must check in at the registration booth. No visitors allowed Memorial Day Weekend. There is no visitor parking in the Lakeshore RV Park - Only Registered vehicles in their own assigned sites allowed.
  • Campfires are not allowed in any Chelan city parks including the Lakeshore RV Park. Portable propane fire pits, barbeques, and camp stoves are permitted.
  • Quiet hours are from 11 pm to 7 am. All outdoor music, video, and loud conversations must be concluded by 11 pm. Noise complaints may result in eviction.
  • Pets - No Dogs of any size are allowed in the RV Park Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Memorial Weekend and from July 1st through Labor Day weekend. The rest of the year dogs are welcome. Pets must always be under your control. Scoop and leash laws apply. Dogs must never be left unattended at the site or left alone in the RV.
  • Loss and damage of personal property - Lakeshore RV Park is fenced but the City is not responsible for loss or theft incurred during your stay. Please secure all property whenever leaving the site.
  • Conduct - Actions by any person (as determined by Chelan Park's Staff) of any nature which may be dangerous, or creates a health or safety problem, or disturbs others is not permitted including, but not limited to, any act involving a weapon; any type of perceived domestic violence; disturbing or excessive noise or profanity; or abusive language or conduct towards anyone is not permitted. Persons engaged in any of these activities may be evicted from the Lakeshore RV Park.
  • Marijuana Usage - It is unlawful to open a package containing marijuana, or to use any products containing marijuana in view of the general public or in a public place. - RCW 69.50.445
  • Alcohol - is allowed within your designated campsite of campers at least 21 years of age.
  • Towing - Vehicles parked in any location other than the vehicle's registered campsite may be towed at the owner's expense. (Municipal Code 10.38). This includes No Parking allowed in other empty campsites, in front of restroom buildings, in the roadway, or on the grass.
  • Mats - Mats, rugs or any carpeting must remain on the asphalt pad and may not be placed on any grass area.
  • Grounds maintenance - Any object that can burn the grass must be removed from the lawns. Items that burn the grass are, but not limited to, tents / shelters with floors, coolers, inflatable floats, toys, and mattresses. These items can be placed on the asphalt pad or leaned against a vehicle.
  • Watering and mowing - Watering and mowing schedules will be provided at time of registration or upon request. Any interference with in-ground sprinkler systems may result in eviction. Tents not setup on tent pads are at risk and we advise that you not leave any items outside at any time. We will not be held liable for damaged property left outside. Manual watering during the day will be done as needed and you may be asked to move your belongings.
  • Lines and nets - Trees, fences, and utility posts must be kept free of all ropes, lines, hammocks, or pet leashes at all times. Additionally, game nets must be taken down at dusk.
  • Pay parking - Don Morse Park and Lakeshore Marina have pay parking lots. All visitor parking and vehicles that do not fit at a campsite are prohibited from parking in the RV Park. Lakeshore RV Parking Passes are only valid within the RV Park. They are not valid for parking in any Day-Use parking lot, or anywhere else in the City of Chelan.
  • Prohibited vehicles - Unauthorized vehicles, including but not limited to golf carts, go-karts, pocket-bikes, or ORVs, which are not licensed for operation on the streets and highways of the State of Washington cannot be operated within the RV Park or City Parks.
  • Mail: It is recommended that any mail or packages be delivered General Delivery to the Chelan Post Office, 98816