Special Event Rules / Regulations

Planning Department

The City Building and Planning Department must be contacted if your event includes:

  • Building of or use of a stage, platform, bleachers, and/or scaffolding structures
  • Any structure greater than four feet in height
  • Construction of a booth for sales or displays
  • Structures anchored to existing buildings or weighing more than 2,000 pounds

Beer & Wine Garden

The Planning Department must be contacted with the following information:

  • Site plan for beer/wine garden showing:
    • Location of beer/wine garden.
    • Location of entrances and how the area will be secured (type of fence or barriers used).
    • Location of the service area/bar and general seating arrangement.
  • Contact person's name and phone number during the operation of the beer/wine garden.
  • Description of security including but not limited to, checking identification to assure exclusion of minors and/or disruptive behavior and taking the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of all patrons.
  • Dates and hours of operation.
  • The event(s) associated with the request for a beer/wine garden.
  • Minimum conditions for beer/wine gardens permitted by the City of Chelan:
    • Beer/wine gardens shall be located within a fenced area. The fenced area may be a temporary construction.
    • The applicant shall comply with all regulations of the Washington State Liquor Control Board and applicable state statutes.
    • Prior to approval of the application, the applicant shall provide the City Administrator or his/her designee, with proof of compliance with Chelan/Douglas Health District requirements.
    • The Fire Chief shall review the application for compliance with the Uniform Fire Code.
    • The Chief Law Enforcement Official for the City shall inspect the beer/wine garden for compliance and shall have the authority to suspend operation if the applicant is found to be out of compliance with any conditions of the license.
    • A beer/wine garden shall be allowed only during a City/Community function.
    • No beer/wine garden shall be allowed to operate for more than 5 (five) days during any 30 (thirty) day period.
    • The applicant shall meet the above-noted insurance requirements plus liquor liability coverage.

Public Dance

See Chelan Municipal Code Chapter 5.41 for precise details.

In addition to the information requested in this application and requirements of CMC 5.41, the following are minimum requirements for the granting of the license.

  • No persons conducting any public dance shall permit anyone under the influence of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs nor any boisterous or disorderly person to enter or remain in any such public dance venue.
  • Any law enforcement officer shall have free access to all public dances at all times for the purpose of inspection and to enforce compliance with all rules.
  • A violation of any regulation or police regulation of the City on the part of the license holder shall be sufficient grounds for the revocation or suspension of any license granted and for the disbanding of the event.
  • License fees for any public dance where an admission charge is made shall be in the sum of $50 (fifty dollars) per dance.
  • Licenses issued shall not be transferable and the place of use thereof shall not be changed unless the application is first made to the City Clerk and consent is obtained.
  • No posters or signs are to be placed on signposts, light posts, garbage receptacles, or other public property.

Events in Parks

(Supplemental to Other Minimal Conditions - Paragraph C)

Damage Mitigation

Damage to turf, trees, shrub beds, hard surfaces, or buildings caused during the event will be charged to the user or user group. All damage must be repaired to Chelan Parks and Recreation standards. It is the responsibility of the event sponsors to pay for all damage caused by the event. The cost incurred by Parks for repairing damage to turf, trees, or plant materials will be billed to the user at Parks' current labor and material costs. Needed repairs will be made by Parks staff or authorized City contractors only. The applicant will be required to conduct a walk-through inspection of the site with assigned Park staff the day prior to and the day following the event to document the state of the event location. The inspection will be used to mitigate the damage if any.


The City may revoke a permit and /or stop use in progress if the User fails to comply with any State laws, County and/or City Ordinances, Chelan park rules, and the terms and conditions of this permit. The permit may also be revoked if, after a warning, the User disregards a lawful order of an authorized representative of the City or engages in activity that may cause injury to the public or damage to the premises.


  • Additional Costs may be charged depending on the event.
  • Staffing fees for event monitoring and event contact will be incurred at current labor hard costs.
  • A waiver and authorization to release information for a background check may be required of the applicant.


Vehicles permitted to enter parks for load/unload will be charged $10 each vehicle per day (may not be allowed in some areas of certain parks). Damage mitigation will apply to vehicles entering the park without a permit.

Vehicles accessing turf areas for extended periods that are required for event staging, food vending or other services will be charged $50 per day. Damage mitigation will apply to the charge as well.

Other Minimal Conditions

  • A Special Event shall be allowed only in Commercial and Public Lands and Facility Zones.
  • Prior to commencing operation, the event site shall be inspected by any official deemed appropriate by the City Administrator or his/her designee to insure the protection of public health, security, safety, and welfare.
  • If the Special Event is to be on city-owned property, the applicant shall provide a waste management and restoration plan to the City Administrator or his/her designee. The City Administrator may require a bond or cash deposit to ensure the site is restored to its original condition following the Special Event. The amount of the bond or cash deposit shall be determined by the City Administrator.
  • A Chelan-Douglas Heath District permit shall be posted on-site for any use that provides beverage and/or food service.
  • The applicant shall provide a trash receptacle and public sanitation (restroom) plan to the City Administrator or his/her designee for review and approval prior to the issuance of a Special Event License.
  • At the request of the City Administrator, the applicant shall provide a parking plan. The City Administrator may require that the parking plan be implemented prior to the issuance of the Special Event License.
  • No Assignment: Permit and the permission granted may not be assigned, nor the premises sublet, without the prior written consent of the City.
  • Retain Permit: The user must retain a copy of this permit on the premises throughout the scheduled event.

Additionally, the City Administrator may impose conditions based on the identified impacts of the proposed event, including but not limited to:

  • Alteration of time, place, and manner of the event as proposed on the application.
  • Conditions concerning the area of assembly for parades or marches and disbanding of an event occurring along a route.
  • Conditions concerning accommodation of pedestrians or vehicular traffic, including restricting the event to only a portion of the street or rights-of-way.
  • Additional fees as deemed necessary for the event based on the probability of safety and security, property damage, required additional labor, and/or further considerations relating to the activity or event.