City of Chelan - Public Works Department - Wastewater Division

Chelan Public Works
Wastewater Department
(509) 682-8030

  • Provides around the clock treatment of an average of 329,357,000 million gallons of wastewater each year, all in accordance with State and federal Standards.
  • Transports bio-solids as fertilizer to area farms.
  • Conducts monitoring and lab tests to assure compliance with State and Federal Environmental Quality laws.
  • Services and maintains 16 pumping stations.
  • Maintains and repairs 1560 Miles of sewer line, which includes 305 Manholes.
  • Provides information on City owned sewers and responds to inquiries about the location of City sewer force mains.
  • Investigates flooding complaints related to City owned sewers.


1. Why is my sewer line slow?
If you are having trouble with your wastewater flow it could be either in the line running to your house which is the homeowner’s responsibility to clear, or it could be in the sewer main for which the City is responsible. Please call the Public Works Department at (509)682-8030.
2. Where does my wastewater go?
Wastewater collected by the system is first routed to the primary treatment plant located at 501 S. Robinson and then to the secondary plant at Chelan Falls.
3. What is the wastewater rate?
Rate Schedule Link
4. What do the treatment plants do?
The two plants treat domestic sewage to levels that ensure public health and the biological integrity of the waters that receive discharges from these facilities. The end product is highly treated water which much meet stringent federal standards. Chelan is also unique in that storm water for much of the City is collected and treated prior to discharge into the Columbia River.
5. What should I do if I notice a sewer odor when I am outside?
Odor often results from seasonal temperature variations, build-up of debris within the sewers, treatment plant process, venting out of individual residence vent-stacks, or equipment problems. The Public Works Department is concerned about sewer odor. An Odor Control Program is now in place to resolve odor problems from our wastewater collection facilities. You can help by calling and reporting sewer odors as soon as you notice them.