City of Chelan - Public Works Department - Solid Waste / Recycle Division

Chelan Public Works
Solid Waste/Recycle Division
(509) 682-8030

  • The City of Chelan belongs to a county-wide solid waste management program.
  • Garbage collection results in approximately 7,000 cubic yards of compacted refuse annually.
  • The recycle program provides residential drop-off facilities for the community and a pick up program for over 170 businesses.
  • Organizes and implements annual White Goods/Metal Collection Drives.
  • Organizes and implements Earth Day Roadside Clean-up events.
  • Organizes and implements Spring Brush Chipping Program.

1. When is my garbage pick-up day?
Garbage Route Schedule Map Link
2. Why didn’t the garbage truck pick up my trash?
Commonly, residents forget to put out their trash early enough on their scheduled day, resulting in a missed pick up. Occasionally, a trash container may not meet City regulations and be unacceptable for use, or may contain unacceptable materials. Containers must be placed within six feet of the City’s street or alley where collection will occur and be free from obstacles such as snow and ice. Also, route changes may occur during holidays.
3. What is acceptable material for the Recycle Center?
A complete list can be obtained by calling the Recycle Center at 682-4663.
4. How do I contact the Transfer Station?
The Transfer Station is open Tuesday through Friday from 12:00 - 4:00. They are also open on Saturdays from 8:00 - 4:00. Their phone number is 682-5631.
5. How can I get rid of bulky items that cannot be placed at curbside?
The recycle center organizes a “White Goods” day for the community each Spring so that large appliances can be disposed of.
6. What do I need to do to get a Dumpster at my residence/business?
Arrangements can be made by calling City Hall at 682-8011.
7. How do I report a problem with trash, debris, or other items piled on a property or around a house?
Call the Code Administrator to report a violation of code. 682-8016.