City of Chelan - Finance Department

Staff Directory

Finance Director
  Cheryl  Grant
(509) 682-4037 Ext: 310

Assistant Finance Director
  Patricia  Lingle
(509) 682-4037 Ext: 311

Accounting Assistant
  Debbie  Girvin
(509) 682-4037 Ext: 312

Accounting Assistant
  Heather  Hill
(509) 682-4037 Ext: 315

Accounting Assistant
  Diane  Winans
(509) 682-4037 Ext: 314


Current Notices

Vacation Rental Taxes
Sales tax needs to be collected on all short-term home rentals when a real estate professional is involved in collecting the rental amounts. If a real estate professional is not involved, the homeowner is responsible…
Click Here for Department of Revenue for Washington State
Notice Expires: 12/31/2016


Administration and Finance Document Library

Talent Bank Application Form
  This form is used by applicants seeking appointments from the Mayor

Personal Expense Voucher
  Document required to submit personal expenses for reimbursement.

Special Event and Street Closure Application
  Special Event And Street Closure Application required for All Events and/or Street Closures.

City of Chelan Public Records Policy and Request Form
  Policy regarding distrubution of public records requests and the Public Request Form

Business License Application
  Application for a new business or renew existing business lcense.

City of Chelan - Claim for Damages Packet
  Complete packet for filing a claim for damages with the City of Chelan

City of Chelan Employment Application
  City of Chelan Employment Application.

Current Rate Resolution
  Rate Resolution 2015-1316 for Fees for Water, Sewer and Sanitation Services, Park and Golf Fees and Other Charges